We organise a number of seminars based on our common interests. You might also be interested in the seminar series in Statistics, Numerical Analysis, Applied and Interdisciplinary Mathematics (AIMS), and Networks.

Allen-Cahn and MBO on graphs,
Jeremy Budd (Delft, Netherlands),
Location: MS Teams: Numerical Analysis Seminar,  Time: 12:15, 15 May, 2020
A fine(r)-grained perspective onto object interactions,
Dima Damen (University of Bristol),
Location: 1W 2.102,  Time: 11:15, 24 Mar, 2020
Hyperspectral tomography and reconstruction with the CCPi Core Imaging Library,
Jakob Jorgensen (University of Manchester),
Location: 4W 1.7 Wolfson,  Time: 12:15, 14 Feb, 2020
Models and Algorithms for Image Editing with Warping,
Ivor Simpson (University of Sussex),
Location: 3W 4.7,  Time: 14:15, 17 Jan, 2020
Inverse problems with imperfect forward operators and applications in image deblurring,
Yury Korolev (University of Cambridge),
Location: 4W 1.7 Wolfson,  Time: 13:15, 26 Nov, 2019
A forward-backward algorithm for reweighted procedures: Application to astro-imaging,
Audrey Repetti (Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh),
Location: 8W 2.27,  Time: 12:15, 08 Nov, 2019
How Many Labels Do You Need For Semi-Supervised Learning?,
Matt Thorpe (University of Manchester),
Location: 4W 1.7 Wolfson,  Time: 13:15, 22 Oct, 2019
Optimization Methods for Inverse Problems from Imaging,
Ke Chen (University of Liverpool),
Location: 4W 1.7 Wolfson,  Time: 13:15, 15 Oct, 2019
The geometry of first order methods and adaptive acceleration,
Clarice Poon (University of Bath),
Location: 4W 1.7 Wolfson,  Time: 12:15, 04 Oct, 2019
Assessing the performance in predicting terrorism in space and time using extreme gradient boosting and geostatistical models,
Andre Python (University of Oxford),
Location: CB 3.7,  Time: 14:15, 26 Mar, 2019
On Spectral Graph Clustering,
Carey E. Priebe (Johns Hopkins),
Location: CB 3.9,  Time: 14:15, 21 Mar, 2019
Bayesian inversion by deep learning with applications to tomography,
Ozan Oktem (Stockholm),
Location: 4W 1.7 Wolfson,  Time: 12:15, 01 Mar, 2019